Your seaside home in Porto degli Argonauti.

A variety of villas and apartments framed in lush vegetation in the residential heart of the Resort. 

A valuable purchase for all those who love open spaces, the nature, sunsets and carefree dinners with friends.
The design theme plays with lights, colors, harmony of lines and the use of typical local materials: wood, plaster, volcanic stone and earthenware tiles.
The large glazed fronts of residences give access to the beauty of the surrounding landscape, terraces and each property comprises its own garden and sunroof.
There are 10 different types of villa, each unique and unparalleled, with varying garden sizes and options for personalization. With comfortable distances between each construction, a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere is ensured.

“…studying the spontaneous architecture of each location means understanding their real nature, character, local population, understanding the culture and their reasons for living. In other words, entering to be a part of their deepest spirit, the only way to avoid committing violence when undertaking the project, none to easy, of adding new constructions”. 
Luigi Vietti, architect.